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HMNZS TAKAPU P3556 (1943)

HDMLs Q1187 & Q1188 were shipped as deck cargo from Vancouver aboard SS Kootenay Park and arrived at Wellington on 30 April 1943. There they were unloaded by floating crane and underwent full commissioning trials. Q1188 joined the 125th Motor Launch Flotilla based in Wellington and carried out routine patrols through to 1945. As the war came to an end in 1945 the launches were concentrated at Auckland to pay off. Q1188 arrived on 11 July. After paying off they were laid up at Pine Island in the Upper Waitemata. In July 1946 ownership passed to the Marine Department who was selling off war surplus. Once the Lend-Lease agreements were concluded the government put them up for sale. However, during the sale process the government realised their value and in Februar...


The RMS Queen Elizabeth pulling into New York with service men returning home after the end of World War 2, 1945.


At HMNZS Tamaki (Fort Cautley) we had the Officers, Senior and Junior Rates Bars where our ships companies gathered to relax, drink, enjoy each other’s company and invited guests. However, there were also other places within the establishment where at certain times matelots would gather to celebrate, party and socialize. One of the most insignificant places was the old white house at the southern end of the rugby field which at one time was known as the Friday afternoon party house where senior rates would return too after the ‘make & mend’ session at the Masonic had ended. It was ideal as no one could hear the noise level or see what was going on. Guitars would play, singing and laughter as matelots enjoyed the party atmosphere through the afternoon and evening. On completion of the e...


The Papamoa Cenotaph has been having the final elements of a wall, seating and landscaping installed this week, thanks to the generosity of many locals. “The last part of the landscaping design is a World War 1 type trench,” says Michael O’Carroll. “There will be seating on the front part of the wall so local folk can go up to the memorial, sit down and spend time to reflect and remember our current servicemen and women and also our veterans and fallen heroes.”

90 year old celebrates birthday with dive from Sky Tower

Bryan Johnson, a father of five, grandfather of 12 and great grandfather of 12, joined the navy at a young age and fought in the Korean War, where he suffered severe hearing damage. He took a jump off the Skytower for his 90th birthday. Read more from the New Zealand Herald here

New Zealand Defence Training Team Gets Under Way In Fiji

A combined training team from the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) and Ministry of Defence will this week begin working alongside Fijian counterparts in areas ranging from basic hydrography to advanced combat first aid as part of a new training initiative in the Pacific Island nation. Read more from Scoop World here

The ship with no crew or passengers that’s run by an AI captain

With a splash of Plymouth gin, the US ambassador to Britain has officially launched a ship named Mayflower, 400 years to the day after a wooden vessel with that name sailed from an English port and changed the history of two continents. Unlike the merchant ship that carried a group of European Puritan settlers to a new life across the Atlantic Ocean in 1620, the Mayflower christened by US Ambassador Robert Wood Johnson has no crew or passengers. It will cross the sea powered by sun and wind, and steered by artificial intelligence. Read more here

WWII veterans honoured

eterans who were meant to attend the cancelled National Commemoration to mark the 75th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War will still receive mementoes for the event. Read the full story here

World-renowned Hawke’s Bay architect Guy Natusch dies aged 99

Hawke’s Bay former World War II Royal New Zealand Navy Sub-lieutenant has died aged 99. Read the full story here

Vestdavit wins contract to supply six Australian Navy patrol boats

Press Release – Leading davit supplier Vestdavit has secured an agreement with Austal Australia to deliver twelve boat launch-and-recovery systems for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). The marine davits will be installed on six new Cape-class patrol boats (CCPBs), under construction for the Navy at Austal’s Henderson shipyard in Western Australia. Read the full story here

Grieving mum still angry 18 months after navy diver’s death

Ocean survivor Rob Hewitt says you ‘never want to give up’

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