Defence Minister Ron Mark has welcomed the news that Her Majesty The Queen has approved a range of changes to the New Zealand Defence Force long service awards system. “A fairer system has been developed to recognise the vital contribution Regular Force and Reserve Force military personnel make by serving the New Zealand Government and the public,” said Ron Mark. “The changes will resolve a range of legitimate grievances held by both serving and ex-serving personnel, relating to inconsistencies in the eligibility criteria between the various awards. “The eligibility criteria changes will immediately qualify about 650 current military personnel for their first long service award, and entitle more than 1700 other current military personnel to a clasp to a long service award they have already...


WOSCS R.S. Golding, MNZM, MSM – Terminal Date 31 Aug 20. This week sees the final day in uniform of WOSCS Reece Golding – the conclusion of almost six decades of combined RNZN and RNZNR service – a staggering achievement. HMNZS Ngapona intended to hold a function to recognise Reece’s service but this has had to be postponed due to Covid-19.

Councillors recommend adopting charter for new Navy vessel HMNZS Aotearoa

Read the story from Stuff.co.nz here

NZ sailor brandished weapon at comrade after live firing exercise

From Stuff.co.nz A Kiwi sailor brandished a gun at a fellow Naval rating after live firing training on a weapons range. The incident happened on April 5, 2019, at the Royal New Zealand Navy’s Tamaki Leadership Centre on the Whangaparāoa Peninsula, north Auckland. The circumstances leading up to the incident are not yet publicly known but will be subject to a wider NZ Defence Force investigation. Stuff began inquiries into the incidentearly in 2020 but an ongoing investigation into one of the individuals meant the Defence Force did not comment on the nature of the incident until Friday. A Defence Force spokeswoman confirmed the two sailors become embroiled in a dispute at the end of routine firing training. The quarrel happened after the weapons were cleared, meaning there were no...

Winner of The Navy Club Trophy for BCT 20/01

Ordinary Steward Teaukutai Cook has been awarded The Navy Club trophy for BCT 20/01

RNZN MUSEUM has reopened

If you are visiting the Naval Museum please check out the hours. There have been some major changes as a result of COVID 19 and civil staff cuts. Currently the Museum is open as follows: Monday to Friday 1000 – 1630. The museum remains closed over weekends although the cafe is open 7 days per week.               

Operation HIKI ANO

Concentrated training period for our sailors and officers. HIKI ANO has been designed to accelerate Navy’s readiness prior to the introduction of the Dive Hydrographic vessel (MANAWANUI), Polar-class sustainment vessel (AOTEAROA) and the return of the modernised Anzac frigates (TE KAHA and TE MANA). HIKI ANO is taking place over the period 29 April to 14 June 2019. HMNZ Ships CANTERBURY and WELLINGTON along with shore establishments like the Devonport Naval Base will be platforms for training our sailors and officers. Focussed training will include enhance promotion flow, leadership workshops, weapon familiarisation, refresher courses, and dedicated activities at sea to up skill and qualify personnel.


The Minister for Veterans Ron Mark has today (24 April 2019) announced additional funding to support the wellbeing of New Zealand’s veterans and their families.  The funding will go towards health and wellbeing assessments for veterans to ensure that when they leave the Defence Force they are linked to the right support services. “The review of the Veterans’ Support Act 2014 published by Professor Ron Paterson identified that we need to do more for our veterans and their families,” says Ron Mark. This new funding package will address some of his key findings, and help meet increasing demands for services.”We now have upwards of 31,000 contemporary veterans in New Zealand. These younger veterans need early interventions to prevent service-related mental and phy...


(Supplied by Jack Donnelly (WOGI Rtd) Do our young sailors of today still spit polish their naval footwear?  As Seaman Boys we were issued with 2 pairs of boots, one for working in and the other for guard/ceremonial duties. The art to spit polishing one’s footwear is very time consuming and requires a lot of patience, concentration, radio, TV or a good ‘talking’ mate.  Ensure you have a good comfortable place to sit, and away you go.  As for the perfect technique to spit polishing boots/shoes they are many and varied so I will explain how we were taught by our instructors at Tamaki on Motuihe island. You will require polish, a soft clean cotton rag, water or alcohol and an old toothbrush at the ready.  The use of alcohol may well have been a sailors ‘dit’ neve...


RNZRSA CEREMONIAL GUIDE Former Gunnery Instructors Warrant Officer Jack Donnelly, BEM, RNZN and Chief Petty Officer Tony Lewis, RNZN have written a Ceremonial Planning, Procedural and Protocol Guide for the RNZRSA. The fourth chapter is reproduced below:                                  “Our tribute to the fallen” A very solemn and formal military ritual in which the wreath symbolizes remembrance. The type of flowers making up a wreath have different meanings, and there are various types of wreaths that may be laid on ANZAC Day/Remembrance Day. Planning and organising the wreath laying ceremony begins at the committee meeting with your nominations of whom to invite to lay a wreath. Once your list has been finalised the next consideration is to arrange the order of precedence. Each RSA orga...

Presentation of Bosuns Call by The Navy Club

  President of The Navy Club Fred Wilson presenting OMED Amberleigh Shields with a Bosun’s Call.  Amberleigh was the winner of the Navy Club Trophy.

2018 Winner of the Royal New Zealand Navy Club Trophy

Winner of the Royal New Zealand Navy Club Trophy is OMED Amberleigh Shields for Basic Common Trainee who displays the greatest application, perseverance and adherence to the Navy Creed.

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