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A $103 million vessel for the Ministry of Defence has berthed in Wellington after 46 days travelling from Denmark.  The diving support and hydrographic survey vessel, named Edda Fonn, was purchased second-hand from Norway. Frank Dyer, the integrated project team leader for the dive and hydrographic vessel, said it was packed with world-class facilities for both diving and hydrographic specialists. Disaster relief, search and recovery and explosives disposal are among the many tasks it could be utilised for in the Pacific.

“A typical mission … to the islands in Fiji, it could get up there in just over three days and could hold station there for close to a month.”  It could run tasks up there, return home and still have over 40 per cent of its fuel, Dyer said.

The ship’s crane can also retrieve 100 tonnes from one kilometre underwater. It could even retrieve a sunken ship. “It’s also got a massive range. It’s just completed a 12,000 mile, 46-day journey without refuelling.”

The ship has four engines, two of which are brand new and can run in a green emission mode. “They can run just emitting water vapour and nitrogen.”

The ship can treat its own ballast water so that undesirable water is not transported to wherever the ship may travel.

Edda Fonn has bunks for 66 people, cabins have ensuites and entertainment centres, and there’s even a gym and a sauna for crew.

The ship will provide the ability for diving and hydrographic specialists to conduct specialised operations such as surveying coastlines and harbours.

Dyer said although the vessel is already 15 years old, engineers had assessed it to be seven years younger than that based on its good condition.

Next stop for the Edda Fonn is Auckland, where ownership will be transferred to the Crown on June 7.

It will spend the rest of the year being fitted with military equipment.

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