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HMNZS Matataua is a commissioned ship in the RNZN and is made up of three distinctive groups hydrographers, divers, and logistics that operate primarily within the littoral or coastal waters.

MATATAUA provides deployable maritime capabilities to conduct operations that safeguard access to the harbours, inshore waters and littoral zones of New Zealand and wherever New Zealand Defence Forces are required to operate. Matataua is based on small, deployable, mission-based detachments utilising a wide range of equipment, platforms and tools to deliver its mission. It is capable of being rapidly deployed by air, sea and land into operational areas. Specialist teams within the groups can be quickly assembled into a composite force. The groups are:

The Military Hydrographic Group (MHG)

The Clearance Diving Group (CDG)

The Logistics Support Group (LSG)

In 2017, the unit officially became HMNZS Matataua and was previously known as the Littoral Warfare Unit. Matataua means ‘Eyes of the Warrior’ – a fitting name for a unit of divers, hydrographers and surveyors, who go before the main force to identify and contain any dangers that lie ahead.

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