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HMNZS PAEA (Q1184 P3552)

Q1184 (Paea P3552) was built by Madden & Lewis, in Sausalito, California, USA and shipped to Wellington on the Liberty Ship Frank Joseph Irwin with Q1183 (Tamure), arriving on 18 January 1943. She was commissioned on 9 March 1943 and then joined the 124th Flotilla in Auckland. 

Paea, along with other MLs, was used extensively for fishery protection around the New Zealand coast until the Lake Class patrol craft came into service in 1975. Paea also assisted in hydrographic duties from 1972 to 1976.

She was attached to HMNZS Ngapona from 1981 till she was decommissioned and sold in May 1985. Keith & Heather Nicholson bought the boat in November 2008 and in December, with a crew of seven bought her up the East Coast (a trip of six days), including a stop at White Island on the way north to their mooring in the Upper Waitemata Harbour in Auckland.

Extensive maintenance work has been carried out by Keith & Heather and she is now one of the few HDMLs, world-wide, that are still in original condition. She is now berthed at Whangarei.

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