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HMS Hood

Tomorrow we remember the sinking of HMS HOOD which was sunk by the German Battle Ship BISMARK in the North Atlantic and especially PAYMASTER SUB LIEUTENANT Stanley WATKINSON RNZN who went down with his ship and is possibly the RNZN’s 1st Supply Officer to be killed in WW2.   Other Navies also serving in the ship were:

AUSTRALIAN = 3 Ordinary Seamen RANVR

CANADIAN = 2 Midshipmen RCN

Poland =        2 Midshipmen

A list of the full Role of Honour of the HOOD is in a book called THE END OF GLORY [War &n Peace in HMS HOOD 1916-1941 By Bruce Taylor, I purchased this book on line from Navy Books.COM.UK.   The Role of Honour is laid out alphabetically and showing everyone’s Rank and Branch.

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