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The exchange of a pounamu mere signified the handing over of a huge workload by Naval Support Commander and Deputy Chief of Navy, Commodore David Gibbs, to Commodore Mat Williams. CDRE Gibbs said it was a privilege to serve as DCN because of the opportunities it afforded and for the ability of the position to effect real and meaningful change, when he spoke at the Change of Command ceremony at Devonport Naval Base last month.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief of Navy, Rear Admiral John Martin said: “Over the last 20 months, David Gibbs has led the Naval Support Command and wider Naval family with a great skill and fine judgment,” he said. “As our DCN he has led it through significant challenges and at times he has executed his role above and beyond what we normally expect.

CDRE Gibbs was awarded a Chief of Navy commendation at the parade, reflecting his exceptional performance as the DCN.

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