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Tauranga women serve on Navy’s biggest ever ship

Able Communications Warfare Specialist Morgan Tume, left, and Able Logistic Supply Specialist Kendra Young with Aotearoa at the South Korean shipyard following the ship’s naming ceremony late last yea

Morgan Tume and Kendra Young met in Year 9 at Tauranga Girls’ College, but it wasn’t until they were in Year 13 that they, along with two other girls in the same phys-ed class, discovered they each had a dream of joining the Royal New Zealand Navy.

All four women are now in the RNZN and Able Communications Warfare Specialist Tume and Leading Logistic Supply Specialist Young have the honour of being posted to the RNZN’s newest and biggest-ever ship.

The pair will be part of the inaugural crew of Aotearoa, a 173-metre sustainment vessel with “state-of-the-art design” and capability.

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