New Antarctic icebreaker RSV Nuyina will shortly be ready for sea trials, with progress on the internal fit-out and systems testing of the ship almost complete, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The ship was moved in August from Damen’s Romanian shipyard to its current location in Vlissingen in the Netherlands, to enable equipment manufacturers to check and test the installation of its complex systems. After a month long journey of nearly 7000 kilometres, RSV Nuyina arrived in the Netherlands in late August for the final stages of its testing and commissioning. The ship will be ready for sea trials in a few weeks, followed by sea ice trials in the Arctic in late January. RSV Nuyina is expected to arrive in Hobart mid-2021. For this season the Australian Antarctic Division has chartered MPV Ev...

The British Royal Navy is testing out jetpack assault teams

For decades, science fiction has been telling us that jet packs are right around the corner. But, while it seems there’ll still be some time before any of us are using them to get to work, the UK and US have been experimenting with jet suits for a number of applications, including defense. Of course, this isn’t the first time Gravity Industries’ jet packs have been spotted flying around Royal Navy ships. That’s fitting, seeing as Gravity Industries’ founder Richard Browning served in the British Royal Marines prior to beginning his new life as a jet pack mogul. Last year, he had the opportunity to fly his 5-engine jet pack suit around the pride of the Royal Navy, the HMS Queen Elizabeth. Read the full story from Task and Purpose here

CONTE DI CAVOUR – Italian Navy Aircraft Carrier

The Conte di Cavour (550) is one of two actively serving Italian Navy aircraft carriers. The newer Cavour was commissioned in 2008 and was completed with a straight deck design featuring a ski jump ramp offset to portside for supporting its air wing of Harrier IIs and AgustaWestland EH101 Merlin helicopters – approximately 20 total aircraft.

Australia withdraws Navy operations in Middle East to focus on Asia-Pacific, China

A three-decades-long Australian naval presence in the Middle East will come to an abrupt end this year as the Federal Government grapples with an increasingly uncertain strategic environment closer to home. Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has announced Australia will no longer send a Royal Australian Navy ship to the Middle East every year. The last Australian Navy ship deployed to the region, HMAS Toowoomba, returned to Australia in June this year. Australia will also withdraw from the United States-led naval coalition patrolling the Strait of Hormuz at the end of 2020. Read the full story from Radio NZ here

Aircraft Carrier – Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force

JS Izumo (DDH-183) leads the new 22DDH-class of helicopter destroyers and forms a key component of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) which serves as the naval branch of the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) established after the end of World War 2 and the American post-war occupation

US Navy to develop three new ship-based laser weapons to counter new aerial threats

The U.S. Navy in recent years has leveraged both significant advancements in industrial SSLs and decades of research and development work on military lasers done by other parts of DOD to make substantial progress toward deploying high-energy SSLs on Navy surface ships.11 Navy surface ships would use high-energy SSLs initially for jamming or confusing (i.e., “dazzling”) intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors, for countering small boats and UAVs, and potentially in the future for countering enemy missiles as well. High-energy SSLs on Navy ships would generally be short-range defensive weapons—they would generally counter targets at ranges of about one mile to perhaps eventually a few miles. Between 2009 and 2012, the US. Navy successfully tested a prototype SSL called t...

Navy divers take part in a five-day operation to defuse the largest unexploded World War II Tallboy bomb ever found in Poland.

Navy divers on Monday began a five-day operation to defuse the largest unexploded World War II bomb ever found in Poland, forcing more than 750 people to evacuate their homes. Dubbed the “earthquake” bomb, the Tallboy bomb was used by Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) and weighs nearly 5,400 kg, including 2,400 kg of explosive, the Navy said on its Facebook account.

Tense showdown off Gibraltar as Royal Navy vessels scramble to stop Spanish Customs boarding a speed boat in ‘unlawful incursion’ in British waters

Royal Navy vessels scrambled to stop Spanish customs officials boarding a speedboat in an ‘unlawful incursion’ in British waters off of Gibraltar on Monday. A Royal Navy speed boat was sent to escort the Spanish vessel out of British waters near Europa Point at around 4pm. Footage shows a Spanish Customs (Auduanas) Fenix III stop the speed boat while a Spanish helicopter watches from above. Read the full story from the Daily Mail here and watch the video footage here

Panic in Turkey at its Navy cannot find Greek Submarines

On Tuesday afternoon, five Turkish CN-235 electronic warfare aircraft and two helicopters scanned from one end of the Aegean in order to locate the “invisible hunters” of the Greek fleet, the powerful and state-of-the-art submarines 214, News Bomb reported. Read more from the Greek Times here

US Navy’s 245th Birthday Message

The following is Gilday’s NAVADMIN message celebrating the Navy’s birthday. 1. Shipmates, this year we are celebrating our 245th Birthday virtually,around the world, together. 2. Although this birthday is different than in past years, what has notchanged is how proud we can be of two and a half centuries of tradition, aswell as our Sailors who continue to build our legacy with family members andloved ones at their side. 3. Today, Sailors stand the watch from the Western Atlantic to the SouthChina Sea, and from the High North to the South Pacific. Your Navy enablesprosperity 24/7/365 – at home and abroad – by helping keep the maritimecommons free and open. And I promise you that our allies and partners – aswell as your fellow Americans – all sleep better because you are there. 4. Our birthd...

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