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HMNZS Black Prince – by Gerry Wright

Prolific writer of New Zealand Naval history Gerry Wright has completed his 18th
book. The cruiser Black Prince replaced Achilles in 1946 and served New Zealand
well during the 1950s. She attended the Coronation Spithead Review in 1953 and
visited Istanbul, Gallipoli and Greece before rendering aid to the Greek Ionian
Islands following a devastating earthquake. On her return to New Zealand she
escorted the Royal Yacht Gothic during Her Majesty’s tour of New Zealand in 1953-
1954 before carrying out a Vice-Regal tour of the islands. In her final commission
she carried out a South East Asia tour in preparation for Royalist to follow
A signed copy of the book can be purchased from Gerry Wright for $25.00 plus
$5.00 postage. Contact or visit

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