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Request from Jim Blackburn

In 1953/4 time I was serving in Navy Office Comcentre which was on the 8th floor (actually the roof) of the Defence Building in Stout Street.

We…, there were 4 of us, who did not “live out” in the area  were ” accommodated”  in HMNZS Olphert which was then on the upper floor in the inward end of a Wharf Shed on  Aotea Quay?  just down past the Railway Station I have been unable to find the name of this wharf or anyone who was actually in Olphert during that time or knows which wharf it was.

The living conditions were quite primitive….;There was no hot water other than that from a ZIP over the sink… there was an electric cooker the same as in any normal house,  there were 4 double bunks with our unlashed Hammocks for bedding. We did our own victualling and cooking, and our dhobeying in the ubiquitous galvanised bucket.

When the Rockies had Drill night, (there was a 5 inch Gun at the top of the stairs) or Sunday Parade took place, we had to “make ourselves scarce” .  anyway most weekends from Friday to Monday we were on watch and only went back there for a midday meal.

Shortly after I left there I believe the Comms Staff were victualled in Shelley bay Air Force Base. Jim would like to know the name of that wharf on which Olphert was situated and when.

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