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ON THIS DAY Tragedy off Normandy

HMS ISIS sailing.
— with Torpedo Bay Navy Museum.

On 20 July 1944, Royal Navy destroyer, HMS ISIS, was on an anti-submarine patrol off the Normandy landing beaches when she was rocked by three massive explosions. She sank in minutes taking 155 officers and crew with her including seven New Zealand sailors.The 20 survivors who were picked up the following morning claimed German human torpedoes (Neger) had inflicted the carnage. However the Admiralty officially lists the cause as a mine that subsequently set off explosions in the ship’s magazines. Over 10,500 New Zealand men and women served in our Navy over the course of World War II. The sinking of HMS ISIS represented the third largest loss of life for New Zealand sailors in a single action during WWII after the 150 who perished when HMS Neptune went down in December 1941 and the 22 who died when HMNZS Leander was attacked in July 1943. HMS ISIS lies in 20 metres of water about eight kilometres North-East of Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy.We remember. #NZNavy#OTD

German human torpedo (Neger) being lowered into the water.
— with Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe.

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