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The interest in our 2021 Reunion continues to build momentum. The Reunion is planned for New Plymouth over the weekend of Friday, 26 March to Sunday, 28 March 2021. Approximately 130 members/wives/partners have now registered to attend and there is still 9 months before the actual weekend.

The organised activities are proving to be popular attractions. There are good numbers visiting the Stanleigh Gardens with a ‘bubbly’ lunch,  the golfers are filling the bus to the Westown Golf Club and a second bus has had to be ordered for the Forgotten Highway, Whangamomona visit and lunch.

Your Committee is delighted to inform you that two of our membership have offered to assist your Reunion by way of sponsorship. Murray (Wings) Kingham, Managing Director of Trans Pacific Timbers and Ian Napier, Managing Director of ARCNZ have committed, through their sponsorship, to the success of our Reunion in 2021. Many thanks guys – your contribution is invaluable. We are often asked if the Committee was considering Reunion 2021 memorabilia. The simple answer is Yes. We are currently working on three products. Our plan is too have them ready to show you in our August 2021 Reunion Update. We will also put them up on the blog

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