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Vice Admiral Sir John Michael Villiers, KCB, OBE, RN

Vice Admiral Sir John Michael Villiers, KCB, OBE, RN

Vice Admiral Sir John Michael Villiers, KCB, OBE, RN – CNS February 1958 – March 1960

Royal New Zealand Navy – Chief of Naval Staff & First Naval Member

Born the third son of Rear Admiral Edward Villiers (a paternal grandchild of Thomas Hyde Villiers), and educated at Oundle School and the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, Villiers joined the Royal Navy in 1935, and then went onto the staff of the Experimental Signal School at Portsmouth in 1936.

He served in the Second World War as Squadron Signal Officer and Flag Lieutenant to the Admiral commanding the Battle Cruiser Squadron and then transferred to the battleship HMS Warspite in which he took part in the Norwegian campaign. He joined the staff of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay for the planning of the invasion of Sicily in 1943 and then commanded the destroyer HMS Ursa in 1945.

After the war he commanded HMS Snipe on the West Indies Station from 1946 and then joined the Directing Staff at the Joint Services Staff College from 1948. He was appointed Assistant Director of Plans at the Admiralty in 1950 and Queen’s Harbourmaster at Malta in 1952. He commanded the aircraft carrier HMS Bulwark from 1954 and then became Chief of the Naval Staff for the Royal New Zealand Navy in 1958. His last appointment was as Fourth Sea Lord and Vice Controller of the Navy in 1960 before he retired in 1964.

In retirement he became Lieutenant Governor of Jersey.

Served on:

HMS Hood 01.06.1939 – 11.03.1940

HMS Renown 11.03.1940 – 13.04.1940

HMS Warspite 13.04.1940 – ??.04.1940

HMS Renown ??.04.1940 – 10.08.1940

HMS Hood 10.08.1940 – 12.05.1941 (2nd Battle of Narvik)

23.05.1941 – (08.)1942  Flag Commander to Admiral (S) [HMS Dolphin (submarine depot, Gosport)]

26.10.1942  – 1.10.1943   HMS President (for special and miscellaneous services) (Fleet Signal Officer at Operation Husky)

29.11.1943  – 1.10.1944   Staff Signal Officer on staff of Commander-in-Chief, Nore [HMS Pembroke (RN base, Chatham)]

10.1945  – 1.04.1946   Commanding Officer, HMS Ursa (destroyer)

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