Object Three of the Navy Club is:
To perpetuate the comradeship of Navy by looking after the welfare of members
This Welfare Plan gives effect to that intention by defining the nature, extent and administrative
procedures of and for the support provided to members who are in need.
The support is in the nature of a backup to the normal services available through the various government entities such as Veterans Affairs, Social Development, Health and ACC. The policies outlined therefore assume that the member has exhausted every opportunity to access the services routinely available. It is also assumed that the member does not have access to a health insurance or similar schemes that provides grants and  disbursements, and that the member is not in receipt of grants or disbursements for the same purpose from other charitable organisations such as a Returned and Services Association. However, it is legitimate for a member to seek reimbursement for an excess on a health insurance scheme, e.g. where the insurer pays only a proportion of some costs, such as 90% of the costs of doctor’s visits.